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15 februari 2016 te 's Gravendeel
foto collectie B.A.S.M. - foto: H. Hoffmann


Kondor Explorer
4 mei 2011 te Delfzijl als KONDOR EXPLORER
foto collectie B.A.S.M. - foto: H. Hoffmann






1983 - 1252 brt. - 6000 apk.

60,86 x 13,57 x 6,05 m.

Hudong Shipyard, Shanghai (b.1141)

4 x 4 tew. 12 cil. MAN

1983 SSS SHANGHAI, Selco Salvage Ltd., Singapore

1988 KONDOR, Black Sea Shipping Co., Odessa

1996 KONDOR, Black Sea Shipping Co., Odessa

1997 KONDOR EXPLORER, Arma Shipping Ltd., Limassol.

Bijzonderhden verkregen via H. Hoffmann
After 5 years of lay-up at the Dutch Northern port of Delfzijl, the Kondor Explorer arrived at the port of s Gravendeel last September.
Earlier this month the ship was sold for demolition to Scheepssloperij s Gravendeel and is now waiting to be stripped and cut up.
Im normally not too interested in survey vessels and such, but this one had an interesting career.
It started off as the SSS Shanghai as part of a series of 9 anchor-handling tugs.
Built in Shanghai for Sentinel Supply Ships, a partnership with amongst other Selco.

In 1987 it was sold to the Black Sea Shipping Company and renamed Kondor.
From 1993-1996 it was chartered to the famous Dutch salvage company Wijsmuller and at the end of the charter returned to Odessa.
There the ship was rebuilt into a seismic exploration vessel for a charter to Seabird Exploration, Norway, which still employs several former anchor-handling tugs as survey ships.



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